From being cool to an actual must. Apps have gone a long way.

Posted on 25 Apr 2017 by Madalina Lacatis

In our previous article “Should I focus on Desktop or Mobile?” we got to the conclusion that businesses should adapt to the new trend of multi-screening and promote their services in a device responsive way. Now we will talk about another rising question which is “Should I develop an app for my business?”.


Let’s take a look at the apps that people use frequently. Which ones do you think that are the most common? Yes, you guessed it. Social media & messaging apps win with 32%, followed by Entertainment with 17%, Gaming 15%, Utilities 8%, Safari 6%, Productivity 4%, Chrome 4%, YouTube 3%, News 2%  and other apps.But how much time does the mobile consumer spend on apps? Well, actually a pretty huge amount of time: 90%, of the time spent on mobile devices is spent on apps, while 10% on web browsing. People love apps. They prefer to get their needs fulfilled by using different kind of apps. And why not? You and I are probably doing the same. For sure I am. First of all, apps give you the opportunity to customize your device with the “things” that interest you the most. You download them, install them in seconds, use them and delete the ones that you don’t like anymore.


We live in the era of speed and apps help us to be more efficient. People want to streamline their life to gain more time so they install apps in order to satisfy their needs quicker. Why search in the browser for a taxi number when you can use an app? Why write down a shopping list when you can use Notes? Why carry a map when you can use Google Maps?


ComScore in the Whitepaper Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs states that “We are now firmly in the ‘app age’” and analyses how apps can meet our primary needs based on the Theory of Abraham Maslow. They divide apps based on categories and asses them to the needs: Physiological (health, apparel, retail), Safety (Banking, Weather, Career Services), Love/Belonging (Personals), Esteem (Newspapers, Social Network), Self-actualisation (Travel). What do you think? I bet you can identify at least one app for each need? Is it already on your mobile device?

So do people prefer apps over the browser? Let’s see some statistics from different market researchers:

In these days, in order to catch people’s attention and not be too spammy, you have to reach them where they are and according to statistics, they tend to switch between devices using desktops in the morning and mobile devices in the evening.

It is no longer the case to ask yourself if you should develop an app. If you offer services that improve the quality of your customer’s life you should definitely consider building an app. In this way, your business can fulfill your potential client’s needs and increase your conversion rate.
P.S. Don’t panic. Building an app is not that hard. Check out our article To create an app is easy these days.