Create your app in three easy steps. No code required

Posted on 27 Apr 2017 by Madalina Lacatis

You took some time to think about it and you decided that your business needs an app in order to gain more customers. You thought of what should be the functionalities, you did a sketch and researched the market. You feel that it’s time to get things going. Awesome! You almost built the foundation. What’s next? Well, this is only the beginning and there are different ways to approach this. If you are not a developer, you lack the time and you don’t have the amount of money to hire a freelancer or an outsourcing company to develop your app, in your head things might become complicated.


“Yep, building an app is easier said than done…”.


Don’t panic. These days things got easier.


Creating an app can give you headaches sometimes and it’s your right to have second thoughts about your decision. According to a research conducted by Kinvey it takes nearly 18 weeks to build v1 of a native app iOS, Android or HTML5, from which the backend alone is estimated to require 10 weeks. Also, the price may vary depending on different functionalities.


“Ok, so a couple of months and quite some extra money.”


The good news is that there is no longer the case to have doubts because things have evolved. Now, thanks to app builders your backend is built from the beginning and you can focus your attention only on customizing your functionalities and assigning a cool graphical user interface.


Hmmm, this sounds interesting.”


The process of creating your own app just got simplified in three main steps:



It’s time for you start developing your own app.


Step 1 –  Dream your app

Define what your app can do. Here you should focus on three points:

  1. Does your app solve a problem that people face? If yes which one and how?
  2. Research – See if you can find similar apps on the market. If yes don’t panic. Underline the differences and the similarities and think about why should a user choose your app instead of others.
  3. Does it have a cool name? If not, give it one!


Step 2 –  Outline your main pawns

Define which are the main entities. What should your app connect?. Is it an author and a book, a client and a car or a student and a course? Everything is possible.



Step 3 – Draw your vision

Create links between your entities and choose a cool design template. In this step, you bring your entities together and make them work on creating an awesome user experience.


The End!

Now you are ready to go. Bring your app to reality. How much time did it take? A couple of hours, a day, a week? For sure less than developing an app from scratch.


“Really? Just like that?”


Yes, with app builders you don’t have to write a single code line because they have it already integrated. You just have to let your imagination flow and play with the entities and links. Drag & drop!


Now let’s explore an example to see how it works. Let’s say that Tim wants to build a news app. What would be his entities? Users, interests, news, publications.


What would be the flow: Users will make an account, they will choose their interests and favorite publications. Based on their Choices they will receive news. They can share an article on social media, like it or share it with their friends.




Ready to give it a try?

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